Leading the Conversation with Transition Age Youth

Led by a group of young people ages 16 to 28, the No Stigma No Barriers (NSNB) collaborative aims to ensure that California’s many local and statewide systems provide better and more responsive supports and services to improve mental health outcomes for transition age youth and their families. 

Transition Age Youth and Mental Health

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The Project

Over the three-year project, No Stigma No Barriers will lead efforts to improve the effectiveness of mental health services and supports for youth, reduce stigma, and increase equity through:


Community engagement and education campaigns to end stigma and raise awareness about TAY experiences and needs.


Training for TAY and other community stakeholders to end stigma and break down barriers to care for youth.


Local and statewide advocacy to empower TAY to improve the mental health system.

“I [liked] the name ‘No Stigma No Barriers’ because as a young person who has been affected by mental health, the name spoke to me. In high school, I struggled with depression and felt ashamed of it. I felt ashamed because I felt society had such a stigma on mental health that I was scared to get labeled. I felt like there was no way of getting help and I was scared to look for help. Because of this, today, as a youth advocate I want to help remove stigma and the barriers young people face every day so that they can get the help they deserve.” – Cecilia Torres, 21, Youth Advocate, VOICES Youth Center