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About Us

The No Stigma No Barriers Mental Health Project (NSNB), a project funded by Mental Health Service Act funding through the Mental Health Oversight and Accountability Commission is directed by transition age youth (TAY) ages 16 to 28. It was formed to further increase youth engagement to end stigma towards mental health experiences and break down barriers for young people to access wellness and care in California. We do this through training, outreach, and advocacy at the county and state level.

California Youth Connection (CYC) expresses deep gratitude for the vital contributions of our Year One and Year Two NSNB Collaborative Partners: VOICES,  Youth In Mind, Young Minds Advocacy, and Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services (PEERS).

“Having different perspectives is gold. There are so many things that can be learned if you have multiple perspectives and forgotten if you don’t. When you have a roomful of adults talking about youth, they think the youth are experiencing things in a certain way, and they’re interpreting those things without a youth there to share their perspectives about what it’s like to be hospitalized or be on three different medications at a young age. What is that like and how can we be more sensitive to youth’s experience?” – Sunshine Hartwell, 23, LGBTQ Youth Advocate, VOICES Youth Center