Medication Options: Young People and Mental Health (A PEERS Video Mini-Series)

PEERS is a proud partner of the “No Stigma No Barriers” project along with Youth in Mind, California Youth Connection, and Young Minds Advocacy. This collaborative project aims to improve mental health outcomes and reduce stigma for Transition Age Youth (TAY). PEERS, in cooperation with Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services, has produced a series [...]

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TAY Advocates Contribute to PEERS’ “I’m Good” Campaign

Writing can be a powerful tool for self reflection and growth. By assembling stressful memories into a cohesive story, you allow your mind to process and, ultimately, move on from troubling experiences in the past. Moreover, writing enables people to share their experiences and insights with others -- a process that can facilitate empowerment, acceptance, [...]

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HAPPY 30, CYC: 30 Years of Elevating Youth Voice

On a bright Monday afternoon on the steps of the State Capitol, youth advocate Dylan Murphy declared, “Today is the day we say that stability is a possibility.” Murphy, 20, was one of several youth leaders to address a gathering of over 150 community members at California Youth Connection’s Day at the Capitol — an [...]

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Susan Page Makes Waves

Young Minds Advocacy blogger and No Stigma No Barriers youth advocate Susan Page has been making waves, sharing her experiences in order to shatter stereotypes, stigma, and silence around mental health. Her advocacy has taken her to various organizations, including Google, the San Francisco Mental Health Board, and a diversity of communities around the Bay Area. [...]

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Meet The No Stigma No Barriers Youth Board

Led by a group of young people ages 16 to 28, the No Stigma No Barriers (NSNB) collaborative aims to  improve mental health outcomes for transition age youth ("TAY") and their families. Just beginning its second year, the collaborative is led by youth advocates from the California Youth Connection (CYC), PEERS, Young Minds Advocacy, and Youth [...]

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Everyone Is Worthy of Mental Health Care. Yes, Even You!

For the longest time, I didn’t think I was worthy of mental health care. My work in community mental health made me painfully aware of how limited the resources were--so many people I knew were struggling to access the services they so desperately needed. Many of my peers were dealing with severe mental health issues, [...]

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